The program: At work for you

Tourisme Montréal (the Greater Montréal Convention and Tourism Bureau), in collaboration with its partners, has launched a program destined to help local universities, researchers and businesses draw international meetings and conventions* to Montréal.



a) Access to professional consultation services to assist in preparing a business plan and a preliminary budget (up to 5 hours of consultation – maximum value of $500)

b) Bid book preparation

c) Bid presentation (economy class transportation, accommodations, and daily allowance for a maximum of 5 days)

d) Welcoming of executive committee or board of directors of an association (accommodations for 1 or 2 nights, meeting rooms, 1 cocktail event, 1 dinner)

e) Welcoming of those responsible for evaluating a bid (economy class transportation, accommodations, and meals)



a) Access to professional consultation services to assist in the preparation of the event (up to 10 hours of consultation – maximum value of $1,000)

b) Financial assistance
Tourisme Montréal will provide a cash advance to the local committee, which can be converted into a research allowance at the end of the event. The amount of the advance will be determined based on the number of expected delegates and on the submitted business plan. Generally, the following grid will apply:

1. Between 250 and 349 delegates: $3,500
2. Between 350 and 499 delegates: $7,000
3. Between 500 and 599 delegates: $8,500
4. Between 600 and 699 delegates: $9,500
5. Between 700 and 849 delegates: $12,000
6. More than 850 delegates: $13,500

Payment of this advance can be made six months prior to the event, after evaluation of the application. The local committee will retain the advance.

For those using the Palais des congrès (Convention Centre), additional financing through a common fund provided by Tourisme Montréal/Palais des congrès will be available to cover certain costs associated with holding the event (e.g., room rentals, shuttle service, reception subsidy, promotional video production, support to delegates from developing countries, etc.).

c) Insurance
Tourisme Montréal has negotiated with its insurance broker, Essor, an event cancellation insurance policy to avoid financial responsibility for the local influencer and the organizing committee in case of complete cancellation of the event. This service will be offered to organizations not working with professional conference organizers, since the latter already offers this type of protection.

d) Convention services
The Convention Services team will accompany the organizing committee until the end of the convention. Among other things, it will:
• Work with your team in preparing the event;
• Provide access to banks of photos and texts;
• Put forward the creation of a microsite;
• Provide recommendations for event venues, restaurants, accommodation, etc.



Tourisme Montréal will contribute to the organizing committee $30 per registered delegate from outside Québec or $10 per night booked and paid at a hotel chosen by the organizing committee. This will all be subject to an audit of the number of registered delegates and their country of origin provided by the organizing committee, or to the number of registered overnight stays provided by the hotels chosen for this event.

Are you eligible for assistance under this program?

*Events organized on a regular basis (annual, biennial, triennial), with a rotation of at least three countries, and in which 50% of participants originate from foreign countries. The program applies solely to events for which Montréal has not yet been confirmed.